KAHLA Professional

For professional hosts: innovative, customised porcelain for hotels, restaurants, caterers and food service providers.

Design Awards, KAHLA Porcelain

More than 100 international design awards for KAHLA porcelain
in product design, innovation, communication and packaging.



Professional décors

System Plus "Honeycomb", KAHLA Professional Porcelain

New: System Plus "Honeycomb"
The décor follows geometric patterns. Its focussed design provides a classy backdrop for delicious culinary creations.

Pronto, Décor "Sweep", KAHLA Professional Porcelain

New: Pronto "Sweep"
A design for all senses and the demands of modern dining or running a hotel.

Homestyle "Natural Cotton", KAHLA Professional Porcelain

Homestyle "Natural Cotton"
A fresh shade complements the natural-looking Homestyle collection.


Whether they are internationally reowned hotels or ambitious newcomers – we equip companies that are devoted to an exciting different type of hospitality. And no matter whether we are talking canteen or select cuisine, bistro or lounge, bustling vacation club or secluded gourmet restaurant – we've got what you are looking for, in the quality you require. We are particularly eager  for our "design with added value" to inspire your creative prowess in the kitchen and to be everything you except with regard to service. Striking décors, a surprisingly varied range of products and the fact that we continually come up with innovative solutions for new challenges all ensure we cater both to your logistic needs and your design requirements. "Made in Germany", for professionals like you.

Quality data
Porcelain for hotel and restaurant use must meet the most exacting requirements, satisfy the most discerning of tastes and reatin a pristine gleam even after heavy-duty use. KAHLA Professional porcelain is dishwasher-proof, open grill and microwave resistant, with a hygienic, scratch-resistant glazing, and in most lines with shock-resistant reinforced edges as well as stackable articles.

Quality control at the Meissen Ceramic Institute certifies that the materials used in KAHLA hotel porcelain are of A-grade with best results for superb neutral colours, high-grade white, a high degree of resistance to high temperatures and temperature changes as well as for the areas of hardness, transparency, surface sheen, friction resistance and anti-corrosiveness.

Collection O - The better place, KAHLA Professional, Porcelain for professional hosts and catering

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